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Research is not created in a vacuum, it is intended and carried out for people, for the economy and for society. That is why we attach great importance to exchanging information with stakeholders from a wide variety of fields as well as to informing them about our research results. From university to market, from technology to product, process or business model, from theory to practice: we ensure that research reaches its target.



Excellent research and teaching by linking people with expertise.



Application and benefits of research in new contexts.



Innovation guide and companion for new technologies.



New ways to license software and data.



Nucleus for technology and knowledge-intensive spin-offs.



Fostering the next generation of scientists in logistics.

Success stories

Business Heads
Master Plan reviewers praise “excellent transfer to the business world”

Master Plan reviewers praise “excellent transfer to the business world”

The Dortmund Council had adopted the Science Master Plan 2013 which included the decision to implement 100 different measures. Five years after the start the evaluation report is now available. According to the report, the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT will play a “decisive role in the framework of comprehensive research planning”.

doctoral students have so far graduated from the Graduate School of Logistics.

minutes were needed on average for a team to crack the Centre of Excellence’s »Escape Game«.

cooperation partners in the innovation ecosystem ensure transfer to business and society.

»Mensch und Maschine arbeiten in der Logistikbranche eng zusammen. Es gilt, die Stärken beider Interaktionspartner zu kombinieren.«

Prof. Dr. Edmund Wascher, wissenschaftlicher Direktor, IfADo, anlässlich der Eröffnung des Leistungszentrums Logistik und IT

“Mit dem neuen Leistungszentrum Logistik und IT wird die Logistik als wichtige Wissenschaftsdisziplin gestärkt und die internationale Bedeutung dieser Forschung am Standort Dortmund sichtbar.”

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski, Prorektorin Forschung, TU Dortmund,on the occasion of the opening of the Center for Excellence in Logistics and IT

»From the foundation of the scientific discipline of logistics to the Internet of Things: Without Dortmund, the history of logistics would be different.«

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael ten Hompel, Managing Director, Fraunhofer IML, at the opening of the Centre of Excellence


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