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Logistics research in Dortmund is carried out at numerous different institutes and facilities. The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT offers all scientists a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. However, the community at the Center of Excellence is not only aimed at employees at scientific institutions, it is for all the stakeholders who are interested in excellent logistics research and who want to make a contribution to it themselves.


Researchers BBQ

Discussions about research and results with a series of workshops.


Research infrastructure

Inter-organizational use of all service facilities.


Conferences and congresses

Participation in national and international events.



Partnerships at strategic and operational level.


Series of publications

Images of the future of logistics, recorded in a special series of publications.


PHD School

Summer School für Promovierende der Logistik.

Our research infrastructure

Test centres and laboratories for all.

The logistics research facilities in Dortmund have an excellent research infrastructure – with each facility set up to focus on their own aspects of research. These include the research and application centre at the Innovationlab for Hybrid Services in Logistics at the TU Dortmund and the Fraunhofer IML as well as the ZFT hall for cellular transport systems at Fraunhofer IML and the laboratories for labour research at IfADo. The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT is now opening its test halls and experimental fields to the research community. All test systems and demonstrators can be used for scientific studies, for studies with industry, but also for bachelor, master’s or doctoral theses. The provision and use of laboratory capacities and equipment will be handled unbureaucratically – with as little red-tape as possible.

Application center

In the application centre at the Innovationlab for Hybrid Services in Logistics at the Fraunhofer IML, numerous test systems are available for the fields of intralogistics, maintenance, production, transport and employee training.

Research center

The research centre at the Innovationlab for Hybrid Services in Logistics at the TU Dortmund is equipped with state-of-the-art systems from the fields of localisation and wireless communication as well as various demonstrators.

LivingLab Cellular Transport Systems

The research hall for “Cellular Conveying Technology” (ZFT) at Fraunhofer IML is one of the largest test centres for the application of artificial intelligence in intralogistics, covering an area of 1,000 square metres. Numerous demonstrators – from intelligent containers to vehicle swarms with sensor technology – illustrate the control principles of the Internet of Things in this LivingLab.

Ifado Labs

The movement laboratory and the virtual reality laboratory at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors at the TU Dortmund (IfADo) offer state-of-the-art equipment for experiments in the field of cognitive ergonomics. These include test systems for motor and sensory abilities, mobile EEG and EMG measurement systems or force plates and analysis software for balance measurements.


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The community of the Center of Excellence for Logistics and IT thrives on discussion and exchanging information. This is where you can find out about exciting formats in which you can participate and offers that you can use.

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What is the “Researchers’ BBQ” for?

Our “Researchers’ BBQ” serves to foster the active exchange of research work and results from the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT. The aim of this unusual format is to link researchers from the various research clans with each other and with other institutions in Dortmund. The aim is to develop new ideas for joint projects, experiments using the infrastructure or scientific essays.

Each event consists of a scientific part and a social part for networking, which is the actual barbecue. The topics of the workshops in the scientific part are based on the work of the research clans or are introduced by the participating institutions, associated partners and companies.

The “Researchers’ BBQ” is aimed in particular at members of the research clans at the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT as well as employees from the participating institutions and associated partners. Representatives from industry who participate in research projects within the framework of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT are also welcome.

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Does the Center of Excellence also host guest scientists?

Guest scientists from Germany and abroad are always welcome. The institutions under the umbrella of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT all enjoy excellent reputations around the world. Linking up the scientific institutions and integrating companies under the umbrella of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT creates a special dynamic from which our guest scientists can benefit during their research stays in Dortmund. The experience gained during consulting projects with industry is also very much in demand. The orientation towards applications particularly participants to look at strategically oriented topics from a completely different perspective.

Who can participate in the PhD School at the Graduate School of Logistics?

One of the specialities offered by the Graduate School of Logistics, and an excellent aspect of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT, is a Summer School. It is aimed at doctoral students in logistics and related disciplines, e.g. computer science, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering or business administration. The program of the one-week PhD School is covered by the topics of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT and by the employees of the center. Methods and theories are presented by top-class international visiting professors and implemented in practical workshops.

Further information can be found here.

Where are the research results of the Research Clans published?

Our Research Clans mainly publish their research results in joint papers at national and international conferences. The papers are collected centrally and can be found on this websiteunder “Publications” in the description of the respective clan. The publications are also maintained at Research Gate. The staff at the participating institutions and the project staff can also find the papers in our internal social collaboration tool.

What is the range of topics covered by the series of publications at Center of Excellence?

The series “Future Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” of the Fraunhofer IML is published in cooperation with the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT and the EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr. The individual publications address current challenges in logistics, highlight trends and focus on new technologies and business models. They appeal to the broad specialist public.

scientists on average exchange views at a “Researchers’ BBQ”.


of the participants regard the “Researchers’ BBQ” as a (very) good instrument for establishing new professional contacts.

Sausages have been grilled and eaten at “Researchers’ BBQs” so far.

News and events

Neues Fachlabor »Machine Learning für Produktion und Logistik«

Neues Fachlabor »Machine Learning für Produktion und Logistik«

An der Schnittstelle von Logistik und IT gewinnt das maschinelle Lernen immer mehr an Bedeutung. Im Wintersemester 2020 wird nun ein fakultätsübergreifendes Fachlabor zum Thema maschinelles Lernen in Produktion und Logistik von Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anne Meyer (Fakultät Maschinenbau) und Prof. Dr. Markus Pauly (Fakultät Statistik) angeboten.

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Future Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The publication series “Future Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML takes up current challenges, highlights trends and focuses on new technologies and business models. The following four white papers from the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT have appeared in the series so far:

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