Master Plan reviewers praise “excellent transfer to the business world”

Five years after the Master Plan Science was first presented by the City of Dortmund for the further development of the region as a location for science, the evaluation report is now available. According to the report, the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT will play a “decisive role in the framework of comprehensive research planning”. The main goal of the master plan is to contribute to a stronger perception of science and to make Dortmund a city of science by 2020. One of the five fields of competence anchored in the Master Plan is logistics. According to expert reports, logistics has successfully established itself in recent years.

The Dortmund Council had adopted the Science Master Plan 2013 which included the decision to implement 100 different measures. Almost five years later, in May 2018, a commission of eight experts visited the site to evaluate the progress, effectiveness and prospects of the measures. They evaluated measures for location development and networking as well as the research performance in the five scientific competence fields in the science region. To date, two thirds of the 100 measures have been implemented, established or approved. The report presented in September leaves no doubt that Dortmund is already an established science location – even in a nationwide comparison.

The commission confirmed that Dortmund is outstanding in five areas of science – including logistics. The commission confirmed that Dortmund is outstanding in five areas of science – including logistics. They reported that in this field, important impetus come from Dortmund, for example on the “Internet of Things”. With the establishment of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT, Fraunhofer IML and the TU Dortmund have already anticipated the recommendation of the report for more cooperation between scientific institutions. As part of the evaluation, the Center of Excellence has already been able to provide the experts with essential information on scientific breakthroughs, important research infrastructures or the promotion of young scientists in the field of logistics across different institutions. At the same time, the report by Dortmunder Logistik certifies “an excellent transfer of research results to industry”.

Click here to download the final report 2018.

Photo: mehrzeiler & kollegen