Picking Lab: Picking technologies under test

The Picking Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics is a picking warehouse in miniature: Here, different technologies such as data glasses, pick-by-voice or classic pick lists with scanners can be tested. The Lab was created in 2021 as part of the Logistics & IT Performance Center project. In the meantime, the test center has successfully established itself, gained numerous cooperation partners and serves as a transfer platform for research results into practice.

Companies can view and test various technologies and warehouse management systems in the test center under realistic, hands-on conditions. In addition, standardized test and training conditions are used, so that a high degree of comparability can be achieved. When selecting suitable picking technologies or logistics IT systems, the Picking Lab can contribute relevant figures, data and facts to the decision-making process.

Holistic view of logistics

A special focus in the Picking Lab is placed on the holistic consideration of processes. The evaluation systems take a close look at the interaction between IT systems, technology and ergonomics. Only in this way can a basis for decision-making be created for the selection of suitable picking technologies or the evaluation of technologies already in use.

Picking Lab at Fraunhofer IML

Various picking methods in practical testing © Michael Neuhaus – Fraunhofer IML

Services offered by the Picking Lab

Companies can benefit from this comprehensive range of services in a variety of ways. Among the products offered are:

Demo Picking Lab & Workshop:
Learn about the latest technologies in an on-site demonstration and execution of picking processes in the Picking Lab. The aim of this offer is to build up knowledge as a decision-making basis for the selection of suitable picking technologies.

Training picking technologies:
Picking technologies differ in terms of information provision, dialog guidance, hardware and handling. The training addresses characteristics and areas of application of a wide variety of picking technologies and provides a knowledge base for targeted technology selection.

Usability-Quick-Check for Pick-by-solutions:
In the Picking Lab, the usability and user experience of various picking technologies is evaluated according to your individual requirements and needs based on cognitive-ergonomic performance criteria and results are transferred into a potential catalog.

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