Two-part webinar: Basics of machine learning

In the research clan “Machine Learning (ML)”, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST) and the Chairs of Materials Handling and Warehousing (FLW) and Corporate Logistics (LFO) at the TU Dortmund University have joined forces to develop cross-organizational formats for ML use in logistics applications. Translated with (free version) This has resulted in a workshop format that is particularly aimed at companies and researchers who want to enter the ML topic area and have little or no previous knowledge.

Due to the Corona-related ban on contact, the Research Clan has changed this offer “Basics of machine learning”, originally planned as a personal workshop, into a two-part webinar at short notice.

Part one of the webinar took place last Friday, April 24. The moderators Axel Krüger from FLW and Martin Friedrich from IML initially dealt with the basic terms and concepts of ML and combined these with practical use cases such as chatbots, parking aids and face recognition. The two moderators then discussed the perception in logistics. 80% of respondents see AI as an important innovation and future topic and 90% see AI as a worthwhile investment that promises a better market position in the long term. However, AI is only used in 26% of logistics processes, as AI has hardly penetrated logistics to date. One reason for this is the lack of support, 75% of those interviewed would like to have this in the AI application. Subsequently, applications of machine learning in logistics were presented, such as autonomously driving vehicles and route planning for parcel services. Finally, a wide variety of machine learning methods were presented and evaluated. From time to time, the moderators displayed smaller questions to the webinar participants, inviting them to check their personal gain in knowledge by clicking on alternative answers.

With over 100 participants the webinar room was filled to the technical limit. In the final evaluation 83% of the participants described the webinar as “excellent”.

The second part of the webinar will deal with methods and process models for machine learning next Thursday, April 30. The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT is looking forward to another numerous participation!

Download webinar documents:
Photo: Center of Excellence Logistics and IT