Sociological working paper focuses on »Cognitive Ergonomics«

Within the scope of an intensive cooperation on the topic “Future of Work”, employees at the Fraunhofer IML and sociologists at the TU Dortmund have bundled current research results in a sociological working paper entitled “Conceptual Perspectives of Work in Digitized Logistics”. The scientists focused on the important, but so far little considered, role of cognitive ergonomics in logistics. With the Research Clan “Cognitive Ergonomics”, the Center of Excellence for Logistics and IT is playing a pioneering role in this field. Cognitive ergonomics deals with the performance and resilience of human information processing and plays an important role as an applied science in the context of digitization.

Various theoretical considerations and methods of cognitive ergonomics, such as surveys or experimental methods, are presented in the paper and references to the concepts of the “Social Networked Industry”, “Workplace Innovation” and the concept of the “Socio-technical System” are explained. Finally, current research activities are presented, including a questionnaire study in the field of intralogistics and laboratory studies on modern assistance systems such as data glasses or human-robot interaction.

Here you will find the working paper “Conceptual Perspectives of Work in Digitized Logistics”, edited by Ralf Kopp, Peter Ittermann, Soziologisches Arbeitspapier Nr. 55/2018.

Photo: Technische Universität Dortmund