Review: Annual meeting of the Centers of Excellence

The annual meeting of the 21 national Centers of Excellence took place in October. The Centers of Excellence are funded by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, each have their own thematic focus and organize the collaboration of university and non-university research with industry, universities, colleges, Fraunhofer Institutes and other non-university research institutions. The locations are spread all over Germany.

Centers of excellence in exchange
During the two days of the event, there were numerous Presentations and workshops for the mutual exchange of best practices and approaches and impulses for the expansion of transfer paths. The main topics were “Social Participation and Citizen Science” and “Intellectual Property + Licensing”.

For us, it was an exciting exchange with a large number of experts and we look forward to integrating the experiences and impulses we gained into our work at the High Performance Center for Logistics and IT in the future.

Further information on the 21 Centers of Excellence: Leistungszentren (