Identifying new research fields in inventory planning

According to studies, logistics costs account for around 16 percent of a company’s total costs, while inventory costs account for around 50 percent of logistics costs. In this context, the IT service provider Brockhaus AG is enhancing its inventory planning together with the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT.

Together with the “Virtual and Simulative Models” Research Clan, this company based in Dortmund and Lünen is in the process of identifying new research fields in the area of inventory planning. Joint events are also being planned. Together with the scientists from the research clan, project reports, bachelor and master’s theses on data-driven inventory planning will also be supervised. “The aim is to design new research projects on the basis of these findings”, says Matthias Brüggenolte, staff member at the Chair of Corporate Logistics, TU Dortmund, and head of the Research Clan.

Brockhaus AG is one of the companies that took advantage of the possibility to join the association at an early stage. As an associated partner of the Centre of Excellence, this IT service provider is part of the network and community and benefits from the intensive exchange and transfer of knowledge between the partners and within the networks.

Photo: Brockhaus AG