The FSCD – International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction – took place from 24 to 30 June 2019 in the “Dortmunder U-Turm” with the participation of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT as a scientific partner.

FSCD 2019 is the fourth edition of the International Conference on Formal Structures for Calculation and Derivation. The FSCD covers all aspects of formal structures for calculation and derivation from theoretical basics to applications. Building on RTA – Rewriting Techniques and Applications – and TLCA – Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications – the FSCD considers applications in closely related areas of logic, proof theory and new emerging computational models in addition to its core topics.

At the fourth FSCD, seven different workshops with a wide variety of topics were offered, such as “Rewriting Techniques for Program Transformations and Evaluation” or “Trends in Linear Logic and Applications”.

After participating in the organization of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Production, Logistics and Traffic (ICPLT), the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT, in its role as a scientific partner, promoted another conference of international renown with the FSCD. In this way, the Center of Excellence continues to live up to its claim to strengthen the scientific competence field of logistics and IT at the Dortmund location and to stimulate cross-organizational professional exchange.

Photo: Technische Universität Dortmund