Exoskeletons in the craft – eavesdropping workshop podcast episode with Semhar Kinne

Relief for arms, shoulders, back, legs: The idea of making physical work easier for people by means of tightenable, mechanical support structures is already over 100 years old. However, sophisticated and well-functioning exoskeletons have only been available for a few years. How much support do these job aids provide? What are the fields of application in the skilled trades? Where are the possibilities and where are the limits of these systems?

Exciting insights into the possible uses of exoskeletons in the skilled trades were provided by Semhar Kinne as a guest on the podcast “Lauschwerkstatt – der Podcast von Tischler NRW”.She explains which different systems are available and she explains how they work. It also takes a look at practical applications: In a research project, the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (Zentralverband Sanitär Heizung Klima) has examined the use of exoskeletons in the skilled trades in greater detail.

Feel free to listen to the podcast via the following link: Tischler NRW – Episode 27: Exoskeletons in the trade