»E-RIDDL« – Continuing education for digital transformation

What would happen if you locked five executives from your company in a room and expected them to form a team, organize themselves cooperatively and solve a cascade of challenging technical tasks in order to subsequently leave the place together and safe and sound? Find out with »E-RIDDL«!

The project »E-RIDDL«, funded by the Fraunhofer Academy, creates with the Escape Room of the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT an innovative learning venue for a cross-disciplinary and transfer-oriented continuing education program. The concept of the Escape Room makes it possible not only to apply but also to experience the learned contents through subject-specific tasks and puzzles in addition to a professional knowledge transfer. The necessary interdisciplinary skills are also sharpened, such as interdisciplinary cooperation, communication and knowledge transfer. This is the distinguishing feature of E-RIDDL – these soft skills are difficult if not impossible to map in classic teaching-learning arrangements. However, they form a central basis for the new working contexts in the context of digitisation. This applies both to the management of the digital transformation and thus to the economic success of companies and, at the individual level, to the employability of the individual actors across the various company levels.

We offer you a profitable contribution to your company under the guiding principle »Management of digital transformation in logistics«:

  • Imparting the necessary competencies for a Management 4.0
  • The experience of seeing new technologies in their complex operational environment and experiencing them with all senses
  • Promoting interaction and problem-solving skills
  • Successful knowledge transfer through an interactive environment around logistics, IT and Management 4.0

The basics of Management 4.0 are addressed in a compact continuing education course in blended learning format for up to twelve people. This comprises two days of attendance and additional, digitally provided learning material. The target group is digitalization managers from your company. At the end of the course there is a 45-minute Escape Room, which challenges the participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in an interactive challenge. In this way, practical application and knowledge anchoring take place in an innovative and memorable format.


Digitization plays an important role in many areas of daily life, and companies are also increasingly pursuing measures to integrate technologies into business processes in the spirit of digital transformation. The success of Industrie 4.0 therefore depends not only on the technology, but also on the ability of companies, management and employees to use it. The greatest organizational challenges in implementing a digital transformation often lie in the management of this highly interdisciplinary process, increasing complexity in collaboration and business processes, new forms of cooperation and networking, and the necessary change in leadership culture.

Is your company ready for digitization? Or may we open the door for you for a Management 4.0? Contact us for more information and booking of the offer. For more information about the Fraunhofer Academy learning sites, click here.


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