Delft PhD student researches Physical Internet

Patrick Fahim, a PhD student at Delft University of Technology, worked for three months at the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT as part of a research trip and gathered important findings for his doctoral topic “Physical Internet”. As a guest scientist, the Belgian was able to gain an overview of current work on the physical internet. Since 2015, TU Delft University has been dedicated to this topic in a research project sponsored by the Dutch scientific organization NWO: the integration of ports in the Physical Internet. “My doctoral thesis should provide an essential building block for this,” says Fahim.

The attractive research environment at the science location (“The ultra-modern test halls have been an absolute attraction for me”) and the high motivation of the researchers were important factors in the Delft doctoral student’s decision to come to Dortmund for his first research trip as part of his doctoral thesis. “Particularly helpful for working on my doctoral thesis were the experiences from consulting projects with industry,” summarizes Patrick Fahim. After his stay in Dortmund, he is continuing the research for his doctorate with a visit to the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA.

Researchers from Dortmund and Delft regularly discuss the development of the physical Internet, not least within the framework of the European Technology Platform (ETP) ALICE.

Photo: Fraunhofer IML