Center of Excellence Logistics and IT presents a virtual presentation at the ICE Conference Paper on the Research Map Process

From 15 to 17 June, the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation 2020 took place virtually, inviting researchers, innovators and engineers to exchange and discuss the latest findings, developments and experiences relating to the central theme of digitisation. Instead of Cardiff, the conference took place in digital space due to Corona.
As part of the conference stream “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”, the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Scientific-Technical Trend Analyses INT, placed a paper on “Open Strategy in a Research Organization: Joint Exploration of Research Opportunities in Logistics & IT”, which was jointly presented to the expert audience via video conference.

The paper examines the process of exploring future research opportunities by creating a so-called “research map”. The existing organizational structure and practices of the research organization are unique in that it is composed of several interdisciplinary and cross-organizational research clans that promote participatory decision-making. The researchers present a case study based primarily on research on “open strategy”, a research approach to strategic management that emphasizes a high level of participation by the members of an organization. By observing the process of open strategy formation in the research organization, the performance center pays more attention to the real application of open strategy concepts.

Photo: Center of Excellence Logistics and IT