Center of Excellence Logistics and IT announces the next Call for Ideas

The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT regularly organizes “Call for Ideas” in which innovative project ideas are sought. In order to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between the institutes, the guiding theme this time is “Cooperation – Collaboration between Fraunhofer IML and Fraunhofer ISST”. The aim is to make complementary use of the two institutes’ different expertise and areas of specialization for transfer projects. As the names suggest, Fraunhofer IML has a focus on material flow and logistics and Fraunhofer ISST has a focus on software and systems engineering.

Procedure of the Call for Ideas
In the first step, project ideas can be submitted; in the second step, matching takes place. If, for example, a project team from Fraunhofer IML submits an idea, a partner at Fraunhofer ISST is sought who can enrich the project with their expertise. Ideas can still be submitted until July 30, after which an evaluation by the management team will take place. The selected projects are then funded by the Excellence Center for a period of up to 6 months.