CASTN – Carton Set Optimization

About the transfer project

Software for packaging optimization

Online retail is subject to constant change, which influences the item and order structure. Over time, the range of shipping boxes also grows. Although the available packaging is becoming increasingly diverse, the degree of volume utilization is often decreasing. This is mainly due to the fact that packaging is often not adapted to the changing requirements of the products. The CASTN optimization software calculates the customer-specific trade-off based on the number of cartons and the volume utilization rate achieved. For the customer, this results in an optimized shipping carton set that contributes to lower costs and more sustainable packaging, among other things.

The project is aimed at …

Shipping companies / mail order business with:

  • Heterogeneous range of articles/ heterogeneous shipping structure
  • High packaging complexity and historically evolved packaging spectra
  • High packaging costs and high procurement costs

An optimized range of shipping cartons reduces:

  • the complexity
  • the maintenance effort
  • the unit costs

An optimized volume utilization factor reduces:

  • The “sending of air”
  • CO emissions and costs during transportation
  • The packaging quantities and the quantities of filling material and thus the volume of packaging waste

Contact persons

Semhar Kinne

Lukas Lehmann
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Semhar Kinne

Hermann Foot
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Semhar Kinne

Christina Braun
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