APM transfer project at the maintenance 2024

The team from the Centre of Excellence transfer project “Predictive Maintenance Assistance System” successfully presented itself at the maintenance 2024 trade fair in Dortmund The Maintenance in Dortmund is the leading trade event for industrial maintenance and an established stage for innovations and trends. The experts were present at the Fraunhofer stand for two days and were able to convince numerous visitors of their innovative approach.

The predictive maintenance assistance system enables companies to optimize their maintenance processes and minimize downtimes by providing data-based decision support for which machine or individual components a predictive maintenance strategy would make sense

The team’s presentation was met with great interest in visitors to the trade fair, who learned about the benefits of the assistance system.

Further information on the project can be found here: Predictive Maintenance Assistance System | Leistungszentrum Logistik und IT (leistungszentrum-logistik-it.de)