Achieving sustainability goals: How Sustainalyze Uses Artificial Intelligence to Make Sustainability Reports Comparable

In July, another transfer project was successfully completed: Sustainalyze’s vision is to make sustainability reports comparable and assessable through intelligent text recognition software. Various steps will be taken to collect reports, identify data gaps and make comparisons within the industry. In addition, Sustainalyze will offer the possibility to evaluate the reports of other companies, which can greatly facilitate the selection of suitable suppliers or potential cooperation partners.

By the CSR -Gesetz (guideline for the sustainability reporting of companies) many companies, initially even larger ones, are now obliged to disclose their sustainability-related data. An expansion of the legislation to include small companies and the introduction of a uniform reporting standard are foreseeable. This presents many companies with the challenge of producing fact-based, plausible and complete sustainability reports – which is where Sustainalyze comes in. In the last few months preliminary research, feasibility studies and industry research in the form of use case interviews were conducted.

“During the project period, we were able to successfully implement our intended project goals,” says a pleased Pia Schreynemackers from Fraunhofer IML, who led the project. “Sustainability reports are often complex and structured differently, so automated analysis of information adds a lot of value.”

Appropriate to the end of the project, there is good news to announce: Sustainalyze has won the current “Call for Ideas” of the Performance Center and will be funded as a cooperation project between Fraunhofer IML and ISST for another six months. The Performance Center for Logistics and IT supports the project by providing resources, expertise and funding.