About the transfer project

Intelligent packing workstations with 3D sensors

The aim of developing the “3D-iPackAssist” is to make the packing workstation more intelligent with the help of 3D sensor technology. Depth cameras are designed to support the employee by analyzing and validating the packing process, thereby ensuring the quality of the packed consignment. In addition, the sensor technology enables master data to be recorded directly at the workstation and data-based optimizations to be made based on this, such as the total volume dispatched.

The project is aimed at …

…companies in e-commerce and retail that want to maximize the quality and availability of their master data. This enables companies to make data-based optimizations in order to minimize shipping volumes and thus reduce the associated costs.

Overview of our services

The 3D-iPackAssist can be modularly adapted to the customer’s requirements. The functionalities include:


  • Recording of article master data using intelligent 3D sensor technology directly at the packing workstation and connection to existing data management systems
  • Reduction of shipped air and thus costs per shipment through the use of optimization and visualization software for the packing process
  • Quality assurance and support for inexperienced employees through the implementation of real-time validation systems for the packing process

Contact person

Semhar Kinne

Hermann Foot
+49 231 9743-489

Semhar Kinne

Sebastian Hoose
+49 231 9743-490


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