We link logistics with IT.

The Center of Excellence Logistics and IT combines the leading research institutions in Dortmund as a scientific location to form an ecosystem for innovation with international appeal: We are making logistics the key scientific discipline of the industrial future.




Our work is on the latest topics of our times.

Autonomous logistic systems

Establishment of the infrastructure and launch of the so-called PACE Lab.

Cognitive Ergonomics

Establishment and operation of a picking lab with special consideration of the aspects of safety, security and privacy.

Design of socio-technical systems

Establishment of an exoskeleton test center, development of an XR Lab for research into mixed reality applications.

Machine Learning

Preparation of different logistic use cases in combination with Machine Learning.


Test environment with real-time data acquisition and analysis of autonomous logistics systems, e.g. drones or driverless transport systems.

Picking Lab

Testing of modern technologies for the design of workplaces in intralogistics.

Exoskeleton Test Center

Research into the potential and acceptance of intelligent support structures by humans.

XR Lab

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of mixed reality for virtual training.

Escape Room

Didactic center of a further education offer in blended learning format.

We do research for the benefit of people, the economy and society.



Excellent research and teaching by linking people with expertise.



Applying and using research in new contexts.



Innovation guide and companion for new technologies.



New ways to license software and data.



Nucleus for technology and knowledge-intensive spin-offs.



Fostering the next generation of scientists in logistics.

Cooperation and collaboration – our driving force.


Researchers BBQ

Discussions about research and results with a series of workshops.


Research infrastructure

Inter-organizational use of all service facilities.


PhD School

Summer School für Promovierende der Logistik.



Partnerships at strategic and operational level.


Series of publications

Whitepapers outline the future of logistics.


Conferences and congresses

Participation in national and international events.

News and events

Transfer in die Wirtschaft

Informieren, testen, gemeinsam entwickeln

In den Testzentren und Labors des Leistungszentrum Logistik und IT können sich Unternehmen aus erster Hand über neue Technologien informieren und diese unkompliziert erproben, ohne eigene Projektteams vorhalten oder in eigene Infrastrukturen investieren zu müssen.

Exoskelett Lab
Pace Lab
Picking Lab
XR Lab
Escape Room
Logo Exoskelett Lab

Exoskelett LAB

Exploring technology and testing systems

Im Exoskelett Lab führen wir Probandenstudien in einem Test-Parcours mit typischen logistischen Haupt- und Nebentätigkeiten (Kommissionierung, Be- und Entladung, Transportvorgänge) durch. Using subjective and objective methods, the suitability of the various exoskeletons for specific activities is investigated, among other things, and influencing factors for practical use and for integration into work organizational processes are derived. Darüber hinaus können potenzielle Anwender die Technologie kennenlernen und die vorhandenen Systeme testen.

Pace Lab

pace Lab

Real-time data acquisition and live visualization

The agile development of autonomous systems on an industrial scale requires innovative ways. The real-time data acquisition lab PACE enables perfect digital replication of reality with sub-millimeter accuracy as well as live visualization of measurement data, allowing novel development of algorithms in an industrial context. In addition to agile development, the PACE Lab offers companies a reference system for testing sensor technology, localization systems, mobile robots and drones and human-technology interactions.

Picking Lab

Technology, transfer and training

In the Picking Lab, we investigate and evaluate various classical and modern picking methods, assistive technologies and warehouse management systems. Neben der Evaluierung der Mensch-Technik-Interaktion können auch arbeitsorganisationale Prozesse beim Kommissionieren oder der Einsatz mechanischer Assistenzsysteme, wie zum Beispiel Exoskelette, herstellerunabhängig betrachtet werden. Research and industry benefit equally from the Picking Lab’s transfer platform.

Pace Lab

XR Lab

XR-based assistance systems

Companies in (intra-)logistics face numerous challenges. High employee turnover in the low-wage sector as well as monotonous workflows reduce motivation. Das internationale Arbeitsumfeld führt zu Sprachbarrieren, insbesondere während der Anlernphase. Darüber hinaus können Fehler zu hohen Kosten führen. Anwendungen mit Mixed Reality (XR) können hier helfen: Sie steigern die intrinsische Motivation der Mitarbeiter, können Sprachbarrieren überwinden und die Wissensvermittlung in Trainings effizienter gestalten.

Escape Room Scene

Escape Room

Complex web of puzzles and riddles

Which innovative technologies are finding their way into companies and supply chains? Wie können diese unsere Wertschöpfung bereichern und Geschäftsmodelle verändern? Welche Potentiale ergeben sich für unsere Prozesse und die Zusammenarbeit in Netzwerken? Diese Fragen sind im Escape Room in einem komplexen Netz aus Rätseln und Puzzeln verwoben, die die kommunikativen Fähigkeiten der Gruppe erfordern und Teamarbeit voraussetzen. Im Escape Room machen wir digitale Technologien und neue Konzepte unter dem Leitbild des Managements der digitalen Transformation »hands on« erlebbar.

Success stories

“Emili”, look over here: Study provides better interaction with autonomous container

“Emili”, look over here: Study provides better interaction with autonomous container

Communication between people and technology plays a decisive role in the success of the social networked industry. How people can communicate intuitively with automated transport vehicles was the subject of a recent study by the ”Human-Technology Interaction” research clan at the Center of Excellence Logistics and IT.


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